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Our aim, through great food, is to create an environment that builds and strengthens relationships and makes our clients’ event a memorable one.

Kuk’s BBQ is a family run business founded by husband, dad and foodie Hakeem Kuku.

Precision, patience, freshly cooked ingredients and people is what Kuk’s BBQ is all about.

For years Hakeem has held BBQ’s at his home and for friends and family. Kuk’s BBQ is founded on the principle that fun should be built into all of our lives. And, that time to build relationships that last should be a priority for all of us.

Our aim, through great food, is to create the environment that makes this possible. And to make our clients’ event a memorable one.

Our menus

We do have a selection of menus that you can choose from. However we’re always happy to create a bespoke menu that’s perfect for our customers.

What  if it rains?

Whatever the weather we will go ahead!

The food is always cooked outside in our BBQ drums. We can then bring it inside to serve your guest if the weather isn’t great. Or if that is what you would prefer.

We always bring our own gazebos so guests can keep dry while grabbing their food.

What time would you arrive and leave?

We would normally arrive around 2 hours before the serving time We will serve for four hours from your serving time and then will pack up quietly and leave discreetly.

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